Gain Ultra High Power Density For 100 W Usb Power Delivery Adapters

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June 2, 2020
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IGBT & SiC Gate Driver Fundamentals: Enabling the world to do more with less power

Doing more with less power can be achieved with both IGBT and SiC, but how do you choose? Get answers to common driver questions on topics including protection, isolation technology, and basic functionality.   

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Technical Center

Get to know your gate driver        

In this multi-part video series, learn about important gate driver specs, why they’re important, and how they can influence the systems around them. Each video is less than 3 min and is filled with tips and tricks to consider when designing your power system!        

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Product Hub

Shrink your power solutions by 80%

Get reinforced isolated power transfer in an IC-sized package with the new UCC12050 isolated DC/DC bias power supply with the lowest EMI.  The 2.65-mm-tall device doubles the efficiency, offers industry-leading EMI performance and a wide temperature range for industrial applications.     

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