R&s Ngp800 Power Supply

Power Supplies Boost Efficiency with Up To Four Independent Channels

March 26, 2020
With two- and four-channel models, Rohde & Schwarz’ latest power supplies let designers and quality-assurance teams simulate a noisy supply.

Looking to boost efficiency in labs or on production lines? One possibility is Rohde & Schwarz’s NGP800 series of power supplies. The line includes five models with two or four independent power supplies in a minimal overall footprint. Voltages range up to 250 V, currents go up to 80 A, and power is as much as 800 W. Each channel supplies up to 200 W with a maximum of 20 A or 64 V, which covers automotive and industrial applications. Users benefit from a large 5” high resolution touch screen, which also displays detailed statistics.

Channels can be operated fully independently or synchronized; the electrically equivalent and galvanically-isolated outputs can be wired in series for outputs up to 250 V or in parallel for up to 80 A. The tracking function makes it possible for users to adjust voltage and current simultaneously on selected channels, with programmable output delays used to meet specific power-up sequences. The supplied voltage can be ramped up to the required level in any period from 10 ms to a minute. All outputs operate in either constant-voltage or constant-current modes. To protect devices supplied with power, all models include overcurrent, overvoltage, and overpower protections.

To meet the requirements of both developers and quality-assurance teams, users may set up changes in voltage and current level over time using the QuickArb function. By so doing, users can simulate instable power supplies with the R&S NGP800. Remote sensing enables users to regulate the voltage directly at the input terminals of the powered device itself, instead of at the power supply’s output terminals, so that exactly the required voltage is supplied.

Moreover, the R&S NGP800 includes functions for logging voltage, current, and power values over time for all outputs. Data logs can easily be exported as .CSV files for in-depth analysis or documentation needs. The settings for all channels and functions can also be stored and recalled at the touch of a button, and even exported as a file to other NGP800s to duplicate the power setup.

For ATE or production-line applications, the supplies feature both advanced remote capabilities and fast command processing times that fully meet the requirements of such use cases. Optional digital I/O and analog input interfaces further extend the scope of applications.

The NGP800 power-supply series is available now.

Rohde & Schwarz, www.rohde-schwarz.com

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