Vision System Adds Line-Scan Cameras

January 20, 2012. The XG-8000 Vision System, from KEYENCE Corp., is now available with a new family of line-scan camera models, a high-speed triple-core processor, and multi-camera connectivity—offering simultaneous operation of up to eight cameras. The newly designed triple-core processor boosts production/inspection throughput over conventional vision systems, providing high-load processing of data from 5-megapixel area-scan and 8k line-scan cameras (capable of capturing 67-megapixel images).

Visual LED indicators built into the KEYENCE line-scan cameras display received-light intensities and image sharpness, thus simplifying the normally difficult and time-consuming setup process. A new human-machine interface (HMI) touch panel adds another option to the different ways a user can interface with the XG.

The KEYENCE Trace Log function offers processing and I/O troubleshooting capabilities. Users can check and monitor the sequencing of in-process program units, I/O signals, and commands. Processing time for each unit plus other information can be displayed and saved for reference or future use.


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