Data Translation Debuts 24-bit Portable USB DAQ Modules

June 7, 2012. Data Translation Inc. has announced the release of several new low-cost, simultaneous, multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) modules for USB. The DT9826-4 and DT9826-8 combine high-performance, 24-bit analog measurement, digital I/O, counter/timers, and a tachometer channel onto a single plug-and-play device. Both modules offer a board only version for OEMs.

Said Fred Molinari, president and CEO, “No feature trade-offs were made when designing these products. Superior accuracy is achieved with a 24-bit sigma-delta ADC per channel and galvanic isolation of ±500 V prevents ground loops.”

The DT9826-4 and DT9826-8 offer four or eight analog inputs, 16 digital I/O, two 32-bit counter/timers, and one tachometer. Additionally, all Data Translation devices include comprehensive driver and software support compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7. Interface tools for LabVIEW and MATLAB programmers are also available at no additional charge. Prices range from $995 for the DT9826-4-OEM to $1,895 for the DT9826-8.


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