JTAG Technologies Showcases Products at Autotestcon

September 17, 2012. JTAG Technologies showcased its latest developments and products for military and aerospace applications at Autotestcon 2012. The company highlighted its new JTS1000 JTAG boundary-scan tester/programmer developed in partnership with Astronics Corp. The JTS1000 is a universal JTAG boundary scan tester and programmer that can be utilized as a production run time and application development system for performing circuit card assembly (CCA) structural integrity tests or CCA programming. The available assets packaged within a small footprint make the JTS1000 suitable for both production and field testing. The JTS1000 utilizes Astronics DME's Test EZ software suite for automated testing and program development.

The standalone bench-top LXI-based system features JTAG TAPS with up to 256 programmable digital I/O channels, a 6.5-digit DMM, power and multiplexed switching, a 16-port Ethernet switch, and up to 4 programmable DC power supplies.

JTAG Technologies also highlighted its recently introduced high-level JTAG access routines, which can be linked into the Python freeware open-source language. Called JTAG Functional Test (JFT) routines, they work at two levels (or perspectives): boundary-scan pin-level and cluster pin-level.


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