Agilent Enhances Instrument Connectivity Software

October 10, 2012. Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced the latest release of its IO Libraries Suite 16.3 software for use with electronic test instruments. The new release continues to improve the customer experience, with support for Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 as well as enhanced USB connections.

The suite’s PXI Resource Manager features upgraded PXI/PXIe interoperability and support for the IVI VISA plug-in specification, which allows for communication to third-party PCI/PXI devices through compliant plug-ins. “Agilent instrument users continually push the boundaries of hardware and software,” said Scott Sampl, software marketing manager in Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group. “This latest update to our IO Libraries Suite lets customers upgrade their operating system with confidence, and gives them robust instrument connection and control.”

 Agilent’s IO Libraries Suite offers features such as these:

 Automatic detection and configuration of the instrument interface connected to the PC.

 Maintenance of multivendor compatibility with GPIB, USB, LAN, RS-232, VXI, PXI, and AXIe test instruments.

 Support for a set of development environments, including Agilent VEE, MATLAB, Microsoft Visual Studio, and NI LabVIEW.

 Customers may download the Agilent IO Libraries Suite or order a free CD at Registration is required.

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