Data Translation Announces USB Dynamic Signal Acquisition Modules

November 18, 2012. Data Translation Inc. has announced the release of the DT9847 Series high-accuracy, dynamic signal acquisition modules for USB. These modules are suitable for precision measurements with microphones, accelerometers, and other transducers that have a large dynamic range. Common applications include audio, acoustic, and vibration testing.

 “A key attribute of the DT9847 is the ultra-low total harmonic distortion (THD) of 102dB,” according to Fred Molinari, president and CEO. “Testing low level signals over various frequency ranges, commonly encountered in testing smartphone and tablet speakers, calls for precise measurement accuracy. Low THD is a prime concern. Additionally, the 123-dB dynamic range allows low to high level precise signal measurement without any gain ranging.”

Users can combine the DT9847 with the ready-to-measure VIBpoint Framework to create an FFT analyzer instrument. Additionally, all Data Translation devices include driver and software support and interface tools for LabVIEW and MATLAB programmers.

Key design features of the DT9847 series include flexible channel configurations with portable, USB-powered models available; simultaneous analog input and analog output operations (continuous or waveform mode); 24-bit A/D converter per channel (with up to three analog inputs); up to 216 kSamples/s/channel; input range of ±10 V with software selectable gains of 1 and 10 for an effective input range of ±10 V and ±1 V; support for IEPE (Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric) inputs, including use of a 4-mA current source with 18-V compliance voltage for AC or DC coupling; 32-bit D/A per channel with sampling rate up to 216 kSamples/s/channel (one or two, depending on model) and output range of ±3 V; digital I/O including four input lines and four output lines. The modules support a start trigger for acquiring pre-trigger samples and a reference trigger for acquiring post-trigger samples. A Sync Bus (RJ45) connector supports synchronizing acquisition on up to four DT9847 Series modules.

The DT9847 Series is priced starting at $1,595.

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