Low-cost instruments address time, frequency analysis

If you're looking for low-cost approaches to frequency- or time-domain analysis, you might be able to take advantage of recent product introductions from Agilent Technologies or Tektronix. The latter has introduced an entry-level oscilloscope, while Agilent has introduced a basic spectrum analyzer.

The new Tektronix offering, the TBS1000 Series (“TBS” stand for “Tektronix Basic Scope”), gives electrical engineers, educators, and hobbyist an affordable tool for a variety of general-purpose electronics test applications. The series includes 25-MHz and 150-MHz models. The Agilent N9322C basic spectrum analyzer serves budget-constrained applications including those found in R&D, manufacturing, maintenance, education, spectrum management, and bench repair. It operates from operates from 9 kHz to 7 GHz.

For more, read about the TBS1000 here and the N9322C here.

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