Portable 2-Channel Oscilloscopes

The new MS6000 Series of dual-channel digital oscilloscopes includes Models MS6060, MS6100, and MS6200 with 60-, 100-, and 200-MHz bandwidths, respectively. The rugged handheld scopes feature one-touch automatic setup that optimizes position, range, time base, and triggering for a stable display of virtually any waveform. Configuration is simplified and intuitive with on-screen menus and multilanguage support.

The MS6000 instruments offer 23 automatic measurements and utilize a peak-detect function for 10-ns glitch capture. The oscilloscopes feature a waveform recorder mode and can store/recall up to 1,000 waveform screens/frames and setups using a 2-GB microSD card. USB connectivity provides another option for data and waveform transfer. An FFT function is available for investigating harmonic content and distortion. Extech Instruments

LXI Scalable and Modular Matrix

The 65-110 LXI Wideband Modular Matrix supports matrices with eight or 16 Y-axis connections and up to 104 X-axis connections in increments of eight with a usable bandwidth of 500 MHz. The 65-110 is fully scalable; users can add X connections in blocks of 8 from 8 to 104 connections by adding or removing plug-in boards to the chassis. Plug-in modules can be added in the field. The chassis detects the presence of the plug-in modules and configures the matrix as a single matrix.

The modular construction is invisible to the user to simplify programming, and the Java-based soft front panel presents a simple integrated interface reflecting the build of the matrix via the web interface. Pickering Interfaces

Test Interfaces with Fixture Table

SCOUT Interfaces now are available with an integral fixture table. The table supports the fixture while disengaged, promotes proper alignment, and engages the interchangeable test adapter (ITA) directly. The table allows the user to engage or disengage a fixture directly from the work table with no lifting required. An integral work table kit enables users to add the table as needed. SCOUT is a mass-interconnect system that can be used in PXI instrument platforms. MAC Panel

Contacting for Assembly Test

G-TAP can perform versatile contacting of electronic assemblies—in particular via the JTAG bus—for testing and programming. According to the company, G-TAP is not a single product but an overall concept because the module can be utilized in standalone operations as well as in an integrated system in existing electronic and optical test equipment, including flying probers, in-circuit test systems, or AOI systems. The module executes electric tests (boundary scan or software emulation via VarioTAP) and programs on-chip flash, external flash, and FPGAs and CPLDs. GOEPEL electronic

Programmable Power Supplies

The Z+ Series of programmable power supplies now includes 200-W models in addition to the previously released 400-W models. These 2U-format benchtop and rack-mountable power supplies are designed to meet the demands of a variety of ATE, laboratory, and OEM applications including test and measurement, semiconductor burn-in, component test, LED/laser test, RF amplifier test, and electromagnetic and electrochemical applications. The Z+200 provides 200 W of output power with an output voltage range from 0 to 100 VDC and output currents up to 20 A. The Z+200 is 33% smaller and 40% lighter than the previous generation (ZUP series) and similar products, thus providing a 49% increase in power density. TDK-Lambda

Electromagnetic Simulation Software

EMPro 2012 3-D Electromagnetic Simulation Software allows designers to create 3-D models and analyze the electrical performance of packages, connectors, antennas, and other RF and high-speed components. It delivers a number of critical features for new and existing EMPro users, including enhanced integration between EMPro and Advanced Design System for saving EMPro projects as ADS libraries; availability of 3-D models in ADS as schematic and layout views; and availability of parameters created in EMPro in ADS for EM sweep/optimization. Additionally, changes made in EMPro now dynamically update in ADS. Agilent Technologies

Thermal Imaging Camera

A new camera system that can be used in electronics applications such as detecting short circuits incorporates the IR LabMate Thermal Imaging Camera, required cables, and Thermalyze Image Analysis Software. The IR LabMate camera utilizes a 320 x 240 array detector, has a temperature sensitivity of 0.08°C, uses an Ethernet interface, and comes with a wide angle lens. Optional accessories include a camera stand, a circuit board test probe, a high calibration range, and a relay output module to synchronize board power with software tests. OptoTherm

Wireless Sensor/Transmitter System

The zSeries Wireless Sensor/Transmitter System provides web-based monitoring of temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure as well as thermocouples and any transducer with analog voltage or current output. The new zED-DC-H2 can run on low-voltage power: 10 to 30 VDC or 24 VAC. The electronics are protected in a rugged, weatherproof, polycarbonate NEMA4/IP65-rated housing. 

You can set alarms to be notified by email. Alarms can be sent to a single user or to a group distribution list, including text messages to cell phones. The coordinator/meter-controller connects directly to an Ethernet network and the Internet and serves active web pages to display and chart the data. Omega Engineering

Test Management Software

SYNECT Test Management Software manages and controls the ever-growing volume of tests and test data that is produced by the electronic control unit (ECU) development process. Model-in-the-loop (MIL), software-in-the-loop (SIL), processor-in-the-loop (PIL), and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests can be managed systematically with SYNECT Test Management. They can easily be combined to produce execution plans and then used directly for test execution. Analyses of tests, test coverage, and test progress can be generated quickly and easily from the test results stored centrally in SYNECT Test Management, presented in a well-organized form, and used for further test planning. dSPACE

Electronic Loads

DL Series Electronic DC Loads offer high-speed feedback control. Fast response times eliminate the common problem of overshoot and undershoot, better emulating a real-world electronic load. Design engineers, quality assurance managers, and production test engineers developing power supplies, batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells can use the electronic loads during design and manufacturing. Four DL Series load models are available, each with six modes combining constant voltage, current, and resistance from 300 W to 1,000 W. DL Series loads can be ganged together to configure up to a 10-kW system. Prices for the loads, manufactured by NF Corp., start at $4,000. Global Test Solutions

WLAN 802.11ac Test System

A new test system based on the company’s PXI 3000 Series modular instrumentation offers measurements over a 160-MHz bandwidth at frequencies up to 6 GHz. The new system is suited for making R&D, design verification, and production measurements on WLAN devices based on IEEE 802.11ac. The WLAN 802.11ac test system comprises the Aeroflex 3070 Vector Signal Analyzer and the 3050/3320 Vector Signal Generator and is housed in the new PXI 3005 Smart PXI Chassis with universal AC power supply. When used with the WLAN 802.11ac Measurement Suite and IQCreator, the test system provides complete waveform generation and analysis capability for high-bandwidth 802.11ac WLAN devices. Aeroflex

Green Roof Monitoring System

The HOBO is a research-grade system for measuring the performance of green roofs. Providing reliable performance in harsh rooftop conditions, the 15-channel system enables users to quickly and easily monitor green roof conditions, measure storm-water runoff, improve irrigation scheduling, and maintain healthy rooftop vegetation. It offers 24/7 web-based access to data while providing trend logging, monitoring, and alarm notifications. It supports the common green roof measurements: temperature, relative humidity, wind, soil moisture, light intensity, and rainfall. Plug-and-play sensors enable fast easy deployment. Onset

NPI Tester

The Tilt Tester is an NPI (new product introduction) tester with low overall cost of test. It features test and diagnostic capabilities, fast test times, and improved fault coverage compared with flying probers. It is capable of testing PCB assemblies up to 25” x 31” with up to 10,000 nets. Tilt Tester fixtures and test programs average 33% of the cost of conventional ICT, according to the vendor, and can be delivered in less than half the time normally required for conventional ICT programs and fixtures. Additionally, test access is increased with the capability to test 0.015-inch (0.38-mm) targets on 0.024-inch (0.6-mm) spacing. Backplanes also can be tested. Everett Charles Technologies Fixture and Service Group

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