Associated Research Announces the release of Autoware 2

January 29, 2013. Associated Research Inc. has announced the release of its Autoware 2 automation and data-collection software suite. Autoware 2 improvements begin with an intuitive graphical user interface that is both user-friendly and easy to navigate.   Drag and drop functionality makes setting up, modifying, and executing tests quick and efficient. With a focus on safety and productivity, Autoware 2 provides color visual indicators as well as detailed feature explanations in order to make test setup and data analysis seamless.

Autoware 2 includes several new features that enhance the way electrical safety tests are performed.  BatchTEST allows operators to shave minutes off total test time by testing multiple DUTs simultaneously. Combined with a scanning matrix, users can perform AC/DC withstand tests on several DUTs in a 1-step test. In the event of a failure, Autoware 2 will automatically test each individual DUT to isolate the cause of the failure.

The LLT Auto Fill feature reduces setup time by allowing medical-device manufacturers to configure multiple line-leakage test steps with a single click. While traditional software programs require a customer to tediously setup at least eight line leakage test steps, Autoware 2 automates this time-consuming process.

With Autoware 2 operators can configure multimedia prompts to provide instructions to the test operator before a test executes. From simple text messages to images, audio and even video clips, the ability to create multimedia prompts helps ensure that the test operator performs a safe and effective test.

Using automatic instrument detection, Autoware 2 automatically identifies the test instruments that are connected to the system, streamlining the setup process for a safe electrical safety testing workstation. Compatible instruments include Associated Research OMNIA II Series, LINECHEK II, SC6540, and OMNIA 8000 and 8100 Series. Autoware 2 is also compatible with Associated Power Technologies' 300XAC, 7000, and 6000 Series AC power sources for use during line leakage and run testing.

Autoware 2 is available in two different versions to satisfy a variety of application requirements. The Full version includes all the features and functions of Autoware 2. The Data Logging version provides a more economical option for users who only need to capture and log test data. Each version is provided with three user licenses.

Autoware 2 is available for immediate download and comes with a 30 day free trial.

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