ECT to Present Probers and Connectors at IPC APEX EXPO

February 5, 2013. Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) announced plans to exhibit at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO, February 19-21, 2013, in San Diego. Products and services to be featured at the show include the following ones:

  • Tilt Universal Grid Prober, which features tilt technology that provides reliable testing down to 0.015″ (0.38 mm) targets, eliminates wires, and reduces the average fixture cost by 60 to 70% percent. Delivery times are slashed from several weeks to typically several days.
  • A7 Flying Prober. This new double-sided A7 test prober has eight test probes, supports optical scanning of PCBs, and increases test-speed acceleration to 20 g. Despite high deceleration forces, precise position is achieved with the torsion-resistant and light-carbon-fiber axis.
  • Compliant Connector Solutions (CCS). This engineering resource is positioned to design integrated solutions that meet customer specifications with simple and flexible Accordion, low-profile Sliver, high-performance Zip, and versatile POGO connectors.

The company will exhibit in booth 1913.

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