Yokogawa Debuts SMARTDAC+ GP Series Data-Acquisition Stations

February 20, 2013. The new GP series data-acquisition stations incorporate Yokogawa’s SMARTDAC+ Smart User Interface, Smart Architecture, and Smart Functionality design principles. GP models include the larger GP20 with a 12.1” touch screen and up to 100 input channel capacity and the smaller GP10 with a 5.7” touch screen and up to 30 input channel capacity. Both are portable bench-top units that share the same performance specifications and standard high-capacity SD flash memory data storage. These units can be used in a range of lab and test applications that require measurement and recording of temperature and other DC sensor input signals at 100-ms sample intervals.

Only two buttons adorn the front panels—a record start/stop control and menu button. Press “MENU” and touch menus take over for all display navigation and setting functions. Data is presented on the standard trend, digital, bar graph and overview screens. Colors are chosen to call attention to important data and events.

New proprietary resistive touch-screen technology senses two touch points, allowing pinch in/out control for time-scale zoom and swipe control for fast navigation and viewing of data displays. Trend history can be reviewed with a swipe of the display or via a calendar search screen.

Users can apply pre-set text messages and directly enter batch and text message information via on-screen keyboard, an external USB keyboard, or freehand on-screen with a pen stylus.

A new modular I/O architecture allows the user to add input channels and alarm relays in any combination and at any time, simply by purchasing the required module(s) and installing them in rear panel slots. The 10-channel universal input module supports a full range of thermocouple, RTD, and DCV sensor measurements, as well as milliampere inputs using external shunt resistors. Sixteen-channel digital input and six-channel relay output modules are also offered. The GP20 accepts up to 10 modules, for a rear-panel input capacity of 100 input channels. The smaller GP10 accepts up to three modules, for a 30-channel input capacity. The modules attach in seconds and are easily configured via the touch-setting menus, allowing the GP to readily adapt to the size and needs of a user’s measurement and recording application.

The standard Ethernet interface supports a full range of network functions that include web server, FTP file transfer, email messaging, Modbus, and TCP client/server connectivity. Real-time data displays can be viewed with a web browser, including trend history. Setting changes are also browser-controlled. As an option, the GP can send data report PDF files directly to a network printer for customers that require an automatic printed report.

New file viewing and configuration software is a free download. It supports viewing and reporting of the secure binary data files of the GP, as well as configuration of all settings. The viewer has trend and numerical display modes, search and statistics functions, and text message entry. Data can be printed and converted to Excel file format for additional study. The configurator supports real-time setting changes and off-line setting file edit modes.

www.smartdacplus.com, www.yokogawa.com/us.


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