Melexis Chooses Multitest's MT9510 Test Handler for Gesture Recognition IC

March 1, 2013. Multitest announced today that Melexis, a mixed-signal semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Belgium, has chosen Multitest’s Standard MT9510 Pick and Place Test Handler for an infrared, light sensing application. Multitest cooperated closely with Melexis to successfully develop a dedicated conversion kit to support this sensor application by integrating a third-party stimulus capability provided by Melexis.

Melexis now has the ability to use an existing MT9510 Tri-Temp Handler for this application. Nevertheless, Melexis still has the option to change back to a standard conversion kit and deploy the MT9510 for regular SoC test, because the base system has not been amended. With this re-usability, the investment for this test set-up was limited to the kit cost.

The conversion kit can allow for usage of a third-party light stimulus without losing the tri-temp ability. The conversion kit was manufactured with special coating and surface finishing, thereby avoiding any uncontrolled light reflection.

Besides the sensor test considerations, the test handling solutions had to address the highly sensitive glass packaging material. Here, particularly soft materials were used for critical surfaces.

Melexis now uses this customized set-up in production of its optical devices for gesture recognition.

James Quinn, vice president of sales and marketing at Multitest, commented, “This project perfectly combines both our leading position in the equipment market for sensor test and calibration and our more than 30 years of experience in test handling equipment.”

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