Spectrum Analyzer

The Spectrum Master MS2720T provides field technicians and engineers with performance that rivals a benchtop spectrum analyzer. The new analyzer family offers continuous frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 43 GHz. Each instrument features an improved sweep mode that allows users to set resolution bandwidth from 30 kHz to 10 MHz with minimal effect on sweep speed. Because the sweep speed with a 30-kHz bandwidth is nearly the same as a 10-MHz RBW, sensitivity can be selected without the need for long sweep times. Sweep triggering can be set to free run or a single sweep. In zero-span, sweeps can be free run, set to trigger when a signal meets or exceeds a designated power level, or externally triggered. Spans can be set from 10 Hz to 9, 13, 20, 32, or 43 GHz in addition to zero span. Anritsu

Pulsed RF Counter/Analyzer

The Pendulum CNT-90XL Pulsed RF Counter/Analyzer offers high-resolution measurements of radar pulses down to 50 ns at carrier frequencies up to 60 GHz. It also is suitable for testing military and civilian radar systems in R&D, manufacturing, and service and maintenance. The new pulsed RF feature adds a capability for pulsed and Doppler radars. Standard features include a 60-GHz frequency range and a measurement speed of 250 kS/s for frequency and power measurements to allow AM and FM modulation analysis and accurate testing of fast Doppler radar shifts. Spectracom

Portable PIM Tester

The PIM Master MW82119A represents an expansion of Anritsu’s passive intermodulation (PIM) test instruments. The battery-operated, portable PIM analyzer comes in six models to address major frequency ranges, including the upper and lower 700-MHz bands as well as 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1,800 MHz, 1,900 MHz, and 1,900/2,100 MHz. All six PIM Master MW82119A Analyzers incorporate the company’s Distance-to-PIM technology, allowing tower contractors, maintenance contractors, and wireless service provider field technicians to pinpoint the location of PIM problems, whether they are on the tower or outside the antenna system. The analyzers also test at 40 W for locating faults that conventional 20-W test solutions might miss, such as intermittent and power-sensitive PIM problems. Anritsu

Thermal Interface Measurement

The T3Ster DynTIM Tester offers a method of measuring thermal characteristics of thermal interface materials (TIM). Thermal resistance testing of interface layers within electronics products is critical for product performance, but the characterization of these thin, high-thermal conductivity materials under realistic conditions for their application is extremely challenging using current methods. The DynTIM tester provides manufacturers the capability to control and vary the sample thickness of materials being tested, yielding accurate results. Engineers can perform accurate thermal analysis when using the T3Ster DynTIM with the company’s FloTHERM and FloEFD CFD tools. Mentor Graphics

Mid-Range Spectrum Analyzers

Included in the expansion of the RSA5000 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Series are the 26.5-GHz and 15-GHz models. In addition, a 110-MHz bandwidth option supports engineers working with wireless communications standards that require them to see a wider frequency range and enables uninterrupted signal monitoring or surveillance of frequency bands of interest. The DPX spectrum display used in the RSA5000 Series offers an intuitive live color view of signal transients as they change over time in the frequency domain. A number of DPX features—including swept DPX, gap-free DPX spectrograms, and DPX zero span with real-time amplitude, frequency, or phase—highlight troublesome signals under a variety of conditions. Tektronix

High-Definition Oscilloscopes and Probes

The Infiniium 9000 H-Series of high-definition oscilloscopes comes in bandwidths of 250 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz, and 2 GHz. The scopes offer up to 12-bit vertical resolution and include standard memory of up to 100 Mpoints per channel. To minimize probing-system induced noise, a new series of low-noise probes has been designed to allow engineers to view and analyze small-current signals. The new N2820A and N2821A AC/DC current probes offer sensitivity down to 50 µA with a maximum current range of 5 A. The higher sensitivity is especially useful for measuring current consumption of battery-powered mobile devices or integrated circuits. The N2820A current probe interface uses a make-before-break connector for connecting and disconnecting without interrupting the circuit-under-test across multiple locations on the target board. Agilent Technologies

Solid-State MUX Line

The 40-683 solid-state PXI versatile multiplexer is a single-slot 3U PXI module capable of supporting multiple MUX configurations that include single-pole, two-pole, and multiple-bank capabilities. The 40-683 uses solid-state relays rated to 100 V with 125-mA hot-switch capability. Consequently, the module is suitable for applications requiring frequent hot-switching of high voltages that might result in limited operating life for mechanical relays. The switching life is unlimited while used within ratings, and the operating speed is comparable with reed-relay solutions. The 40-683 is programmatically, functionally, and pin-layout equivalent to the vendor’s 40-612 (an electromechanical relay design) and the 40-682 (a solid-state 40-V, 250-mA version), allowing users to choose the most appropriate product for their application without cabling or software changes. Pickering Interfaces

Digital Power Meters

The WT300 Series of digital power analyzers offers updated measurement functions that will benefit engineers making basic electrical power measurements. It is suitable for doing standby-power measurements, Energy Star, and IEC62301 testing and battery-charger and other low-level power measurements. The series consists of three models: the WT310 is a single-phase unit with the capability of measuring low currents from 50 µA up to 20 A rms, the WT310HC is a single-phase high-current model with current ranges from 1 A to 40 A rms, and the WT330 is available as a two-element or three-element unit for applications on split-phase and three-phase circuits. This model has current ranges of 0.5 A to 20 A rms. All models have voltage ranges from 15 to 600 V rms. Single-phase WT310: from $2,210; three-phase WT330: from $3,875. Yokogawa Corp. of America

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