R&S CMW500 Test Platform Supports TD-SCDMA Signaling

March 4, 2013. The R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester from Rohde & Schwarz, when equipped with the R&S CMW-KS750 option, supports TD-SCDMA signaling functionality. TD-SCDMA is the 3G standard used in China. By offering the new option, Rohde & Schwarz is helping chipset and mobile phone makers in this key market.

The company says the R&S CMW500 now offers signaling functions for all common wireless communications technologies as well as noncellular technologies such as WLAN. The signaling mode of the R&S CMW500 is suited for development and production tests on wireless devices. The tester simulates a wireless connection and then performs transmitter and receiver measurements.

The R&S CMW500 is suitable for both the signaling and nonsignaling tests in production. The flexible and scalable multistandard platform covers all development and production phases for wireless devices. With the R&S CMW-KS750 option, it now also handles time-division synchronous CDMA (TD-SCDMA). The R&S CMW500 is a one-box, multimode test solution for TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, and GSM mobile radio networks as well as for WLAN signaling.



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