Instrument vendors debut communications-test software options

(Updated March 13) Communications test instrument vendors—including Aeroflex, Anritsu, Tektronix, and Teledyne LeCroy—have announced software options to augment ease of use and to support several communications standards.

For example, Tektronix announced a new software option for its OM4000 optical modulation analyzer series that offers automated test support for 400G multicarrier coherent optical modulation. This software option will reduce test times for researchers working on 400G coherent optical systems while providing the flexibility to define carrier count, carrier spacing, and modulation formats. It also provides compiled carrier measurement results and multicarrier visualization for integrated analysis. Click here for product information and here for background on 400G systems.

For its part, Anritsu has introduced Windows-based remote-control software for its PIM Master MW82119A high-power, battery-operated, portable PIM test analyzer. With the software, field technicians on the ground can control an MW82119A configured on top of the tower, making it easier and more efficient to conduct highly accurate passive intermodulation (PIM) measurements. Click here for more.

In addition, Teledyne LeCroy has announced an Ethernet decode software option and Manchester and NRZ configurable protocol decoders for its oscilloscopes. The Ethernet decode software option is compatible with LeCroy's range of oscilloscopes featuring bandwidths from 200 MHz to 65 GHz. With the software, users can decode 100BASE-T and 10BASE-T Ethernet signals to examine each frame within a given packet, assuring precompliance with IEEE standards. The Manchester and NRZ (non-return-to-zero) configurable protocol decoders for its range of oscilloscope platforms enable users to specify a range of physical-layer characteristics for Manchester- or NRZ-encoded signals. Click here for more.

Finally, Aeroflex announced a POCSAG testing option for the 3920 Series Digital Radio Test Set. This option adds the capability of both sending and decoding POCSAG encoded messages to the 3920 Series. The option is a software upgrade that can be performed in the field. Click here for more.

In other news, Agilent Technologies has announced the availability of 300-mm x 300-mm and multisample 2-in. wafer stages for its large-stage 5600LS atomic force microscope. Click here for more. e2v has launched color versions of its ELiiXA+ line scan cameras. The new color 16k/8k and 8k/4k cameras are based on e2v’s multiline CMOS technology. Click here for more. And Mentor Graphics announced several new capabilities for its Flowmaster simulation software for thermo-fluid systems. Click here for more.

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