Silicon Designs Launches USB-Powered Data-Acquisition System with FFT

March 15, 2013. Silicon Designs Inc. (SDI), a manufacturer of rugged industrial-grade MEMS capacitive accelerometer chips and modules, has announced the global market launch of its Model 3330 G-Logger, a USB-powered portable data-acquisition system with FFT analysis and display capabilities.

The three-channel Model 3330 is designed to optimize the low-noise performance characteristics of all of Silicon Designs' single and triaxial MEMS variable capacitance accelerometer modules with analog output and 8- to 32-VDC excitation. The G-Logger offers 16-bit data acquisition, with data rates of 1 to 10k samples per second and per axis, through each of its available input channels. The G-Logger’s simple and intuitive user interface is built on an NI LabVIEW platform for ease of customer use. Model 3330 also features real-time data acquisition and readout capabilities with live streaming; real-time pause, scroll back and rewind; SD-card recording of up to 32 GB; multi-speed recording playback; and remote operation via TCP. Average system setup time is less than five minutes.

Optional offset settings allow for a staggered display without overlap. An additional independent g/div scale is available per channel, with settings that can shrink or expand channel input for better visibility. Data output is displayed over a time range from 100 ms to two minutes. The Model 3330 data page allows for simple g readings, with as-needed real-time ability to hide or show any or all of the three measurement channels. Users may view accelerometer performance data from any remote network location.

Each G-Logger is shipped preconfigured with all necessary Silicon Designs accelerometer specifications, along with accompanying software. As a USB-powered device, additional accelerometer power is not required. Units occupy a highly compact footprint, measuring just 120 mm x 103 mm x 30 mm. Software is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 PCs, laptops, and notebooks.


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