Tektronix Demonstrates MIPI M-PHY Test with Synopsys HS-Gear3 M-PHY IP

March 15, 2013. Tektronix Inc. has announced an upcoming demonstration of an M-PHY test solution for Synopsys HS-Gear3 silicon-proven HS-Gear3 IP, a key part of the MIPI Alliance M-PHY physical layer specification for mobile devices. The Tektronix test solution allows designers to quickly and efficiently characterize designs and verify performance, ensure compliance with M-PHY specifications, or quickly isolate problems. Silicon proven IP helps semiconductor vendors adopt new standards based on M-PHY such as USB 3.0 SSIC (Super Speed Inter Connect), M-PCIe over M-PHY, MIPI LLI, MIPI UniProSM, JEDEC UFS (Universal Flash Storage), MIPI CSI-3, and future MIPI DSI-2. Together, Tektronix and Synopsys are collaborating to expand the M-PHY ecosystem.

The demonstration will be conducted during the MIPI Alliance Member Meeting Demo Day March 19 in Bangkok, Thailand, and highlights the industry-wide momentum in bringing M-PHY-based physical layer designs and products to market.

“M-PHY has truly become the de-facto standard for mobile device applications requiring a low-power, scalable solution,” said Joel Huloux, chairman of the board of MIPI Alliance. “This demo from Tektronix and Synopsys showcases the impressive progress toward the creation a truly robust ecosystem on a global basis.”

The joint Tektronix and Synopsys demonstration at the MIPI event will include a Tektronix DPO/DSA72004C 20-GHz oscilloscope with M-PHYTX and M-PHYRX automated software and an AWG7122C signal generator used for MPHY testing. The demo incorporates Synopsys’ 28-nanometer DesignWare MIPI M-PHY IP supporting HS-Gear3, functioning as the device under test. The demonstration will show how Tektronix automates M-PHY tests per the specification and how Synopsys’ silicon-proven IP operates at HS-Gear3 Rates A (5 Gbps) and B (5.83 Gbps) with margin.

“As the demo illustrates, Tektronix offers highly optimized comprehensive M-PHY tool sets that provide the widest test coverage, including fast Gear3 data rates,” said Brian Reich, general manager, performance oscilloscopes, Tektronix. “We now deliver the widest coverage of protocol decode and verification tools based on oscilloscopes for the full range of M-PHY protocols and standards.”

Tektronix M-PHYTX/M-PHYRX automated software makes test setup and execution simple, with only one instrument for M-PHYTX and two for M-PHYRX receiver testing. M-PHYRX controls the AWG and the oscilloscope functions as an error detector. TekExpress software provides a convenient user interface and an intuitive workflow through setup and testing.

“The DesignWare M-PHY IP operating at HS-Gear3 data rates demonstrates our commitment to providing designers silicon-proven IP for advancing protocol standards including MIPI UniPro, USB 3.0 SSIC, JEDEC UFS, and M-PCIe,” said John Koeter, vice president of marketing for IP and systems at Synopsys. “Our high-speed M-PHY IP combined with the Tektronix test solution helps our customers ensure compliance with the MIPI specifications and speed their mobile and consumer electronics products to market.”

The M-PHY test solution is currently available from Tektronix. Synopsys’ DesignWare M-PHY IP with support for HS-Gear3 is available now in multiple process nodes.

www.synopsys.com, www.tektronix.com.


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