Pickering Expands its PXI Solid State Matrix Solutions

March 20, 2013. Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of solid-state PXI matrices with the introduction of the 40-501, a single-slot 3U PXI module providing a high-voltage 64×4 solid-state matrix.

 The solid state relays used in 40-501 are rated to 100 V with 150-mA hot switch capability and the ability to withstand 350-mA surges for 10 ms on relay closure or during normal operation. This makes the module suitable for applications requiring frequent hot switching of high voltages carried on capacitive cables that might result in a limited operating life when using alternatives based on mechanical relays. The switching life is unlimited while used within ratings, and the operating speed is comparable with reed-relay solutions making it suitable for high-volume tests where speed of operation is important.

The 40-501 is functionally and pin-layout equivalent to 40-500 (a solid-state 60-V, 500-mA matrix), allowing users to choose the most appropriate solution for their application without connection or software changes.


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