Data Translation Announces Low-Cost Sound and Vibration DAQ Module

March 21, 2013. Data Translation today announced the release of the DT9839 low-cost USB-powered module for sound and vibration measurements.

The DT9839 features a 4-channel, 16-bit delta-sigma ADC with a nominal input range of ±2.5 V and sampling rates up to 52.7 kHz per channel. Applications that require accelerometer, vibration, noise, or sonar measurements often use IEPE sensors. IEPE conditioning is built into the analog circuitry of the DT9839, providing an excitation current source and AC or DC coupling.

QuickDAQ 2013, ready-to-measure application software, is included with the DT9839 and allows users to acquire, analyze, and display data. VIBpoint Framework is available as a 14-day trial and adds many processing features, including single- and 2-channel FFT operations and dynamic performance statistics. Additionally, all Data Translation devices include comprehensive driver and software support, and interface tools for NI LabVIEW and MathWorks MATLAB programmers.

The DT9839 is priced at $995 and is available now.

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