Plextek RF Integration Selects Agilent Simulation Software

March 28, 2013 – Agilent Technologies announced that Plextek RF Integration, a UK-based company that designs and develops RFICs, MMICs, and microwave/millimeter-wave modules, has selected Agilent software to simulate its new high-frequency circuit and MMIC designs.

After a thorough evaluation of available 3-D planar electromagnetic software tools, Plextek RF Integration chose Agilent’s Momentum simulator for its performance and flexibility. Accurate EM simulation enables designers to improve the performance of their designs, while increasing confidence that the manufactured product will meet specifications. Momentum is integrated with Agilent’s Advanced Design System and Genesys RF and microwave design software.

In its evaluation, Plextek RFI used Momentum to simulate the performance of a 57- to 64-GHz amplifier IC. The company also used Momentum to develop a number of Ka-band ICs. In all cases, the software provided excellent agreement between measured and modeled data. Additionally, Momentum’s tight integration with ADS provided Plextek RFI with greater ease of use, making its EM simulation of RFICs and MMICs quick and straightforward.

“Designing advanced, high-frequency circuits and MMICs requires access to the industry’s most advanced modeling and simulation tools,” said Liam Devlin, chief executive officer at Plextek RFI. “The performance and flexible features of Agilent’s Momentum software provides us the functionality we need to maintain a leading edge in the highly competitive wireless, microwave, and millimeter-wave markets in which we compete. Because of this, we plan to leverage this solution on future design projects, including our current development of an LNA covering the full 71- to 86-GHz range of E-band.”

“We are pleased Plextek RFI selected Momentum for its amplifier IC and MMIC development,” said Joe Civello, ADS product planner at Agilent EEsof EDA. “The accuracy, speed and capacity of our software are enabling Plextek RFI to produce high-quality designs that can stand apart from their competition.”

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