400-W Quarter Brick Converters Feature 95% Efficiency

April 2, 2013. TDK Corp. has announced the TDK-Lambda iQG Series of DC/DC converters, which are suitable for intermediate or distributed-bus power architectures. Featuring a low-profile package that is only 0.52″ high, these converters have been designed with confined space and demanding thermal environments in mind for applications such as datacom/telecom, wireless/broadcast, robotics, industrial control, and test and measurement. The iQG series provides a regulated 12-VDC output with isolation of 1500 VDC, input to output.  In addition, they operate with an input range from 36 V to 75 VDC.  The user can select from models rated at 300 W or 400 W.

The converter’s efficiencies of up to 95% minimize wasted heat and system cooling issues. Throughout the open-frame, single-board construction, attention has been made to the overall thermal design including component height, location, and orientation. As a result, the iQG Series is compatible with all cooling strategies, including conduction, convection, and forced air, and offers cool operation over its operating base-plate temperature range of -40 to +125°C.  Furthermore, the proprietary TDK ASIC control circuitry brings a significant component count reduction as well as improved reliability and lower cost.

Standard features include fixed frequency operation, remote on/off, and auto-recovery protection against input under voltage and output over current and over temperature.

The iQG 400W units offer a 230-W per cubic inch power density and deliver up to 33 A of useable output current. The 400-W models can be used individually, or units can be connected in parallel for higher power applications.

The units cost $59.00 each in 100 piece quantities. 



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