Averna Releases Proligent 6.2 Test and Quality Management Software

April 4, 2013. Averna, a test solution provider to electronics and communications OEMs, announced today Release 6.2 of its Proligent Test and Quality Management software, featuring a personalized environment that incorporates new and improved reports, a landing page for quick user help, customizable dashboards for user-based report summaries, and report-sharing tools.

Proligent gives product designers and quality managers the ability to quickly and easily mine manufacturing data, uncovering opportunities to accelerate time-to-quality, streamline supply-chain activities, and reduce costs.

Easy-to-manage dashboards provide users with multiple report summaries on a single page and include a new relative-date-selection tool to ensure dashboard reports are always up to date.

New analytics reports offer improved CPK analysis and CPK summary. The reports include three control charts, a rolled throughput yield report, a configurable yield report, a defect trend report, and a failure trend report.

A personalized user environment allows analytics users to share their own report shortcuts. This feature also allows users to create custom dashboards for quick assessment of Production data. A landing page helps new users to find key information about the product and its functions.

Improvements to the analytics engine provide support for larger databases, along with parallel data analysis and acquisition.

“This new version of Proligent Analytics delivers important features that simplify report navigation and test data analysis,” commented Eric Lamontagne, team leader for Proligent Analytics at Averna. “With the addition of private and public reports, a landing page, and multiple dashboards, this release improves the overall user experience and provides our customers with better-than-ever access to their test metrics for important production and business benefits.”


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