Online Custom Power Supply System Builder Speeds Time-To-Market

May 2, 2013. Acopian, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of custom, standard, and modified-standard power supplies, has launched its newly expanded Online Custom Power Supply System Builder, which assists engineers in meeting the market’s demand for fast delivery of customized multiple-output power systems at off-the-shelf prices.

Through a series of intuitive steps, engineers are able to custom design DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies, high-voltage DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies, redundant systems, and unregulated power supplies. The custom-designed units are available in voltages ranging from 0 V to 30 kV, with one to 30 outputs, and with 0.025 W to 2400 W of output power. Moreover, they are offered in various physical configurations, comprising rack mount from 1U to 7U, wall mount, bench-top, modular, DIN rail, NEMA 4X enclosed, UL508, and custom designs. Modules and systems are shipped fully wired and 100% tested within three to nine days after receipt of order, depending on complexity of requirements.

Provided standard with an input power switch, Acopian’s multiple output power systems are employed in high-, medium-, and low-power consumer, industrial, telecom, and medical applications. They are most commonly utilized in electronic equipment, manufacturing, machinery, process control, factory automation, astrophysics, aerospace, power and energy, nuclear, industrial controls, chemical processing, monitoring systems, audio systems, scientific research, amusement, and wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF) applications.

The Online Custom Power Supply System Builder prompts users to indicate the number of outputs, voltage, and current specifications for each output and type of supply (switching, linear, unregulated), and to select such common options as overvoltage protection, remote sensing, and enclosure type. Users are further asked to specify input voltage and are given the option to select controls for sophisticated sequencing as well as built-in active ORing control function for N+1 redundant applications. Input connectors (IEC, screw, terminal strip) and output connectors (circular and euro-style), digital or analog voltmeter or ammeter, amp-hour meter and variac variable transformers are also selectable. Digital interfaces, along with RS-232, RS-485, USB, and GPIB are offered. Acopian’s Online Custom Power Supply System Builder further provides choices of colored LED output indicators, screwdriver or knob output adjustment, and test-point styles.

Units are supplied with a distinctive model number and in a variety of front panel color options (grey, black, stainless, gold, etc.). They may be ordered with custom engraved or label marking and with a choice of environmental coating. Private labeling is available. Users can input special instructions or speak to an Acopian engineering design consultant anytime throughout the order process. While firm prices are quoted according to customers' specifications, standard module pricing starts at $62.00


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