USB Thermocouple and Vibration DAQ Modules Target Academic Users

May 2, 2013. Data Translation has announced two sensor-specific, USB-powered modules with application software for the growing educational market. These new devices allow lab and field testing for experimentation with sound, vibration, and temperature analysis.

The DT9828E USB thermocouple module features four analog inputs for thermocouple measurements, sampling rates up to 600 Hz per channel, and digital I/O. QuickDAQ 2013, ready-to-measure application software, is included with the DT9828E to acquire, analyze, and display temperature data. Accuracy of 0.09°C and low noise are featured.

The DT9839E USB vibration module features four simultaneous A/D channels with built-in IEPE signal conditioning for complete vibration measurement, fully featured VIBpoint Framework Academic software, and a triaxial accelerometer for instant data measurement. THD of 0.0025% and SINAD of 88.3dB are standard.

The impetus behind these new lower cost entries is to allow academic applications to be developed quickly and easily by providing all the tools that a user requires.

The DT9828E is priced at $499, and the DT9839E is priced at $695.

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