Agilent Introduces Switching for Multilane Digital Bus Standards

May 13, 2013. Agilent Technologies has introduced an automated switching solution for testing each lane of a multilane digital bus interface. The automated switching solution works with Infiniium Series oscilloscopes and is available on compliance applications for multilane buses, including DisplayPort, HDMI, PCI-Express, and MIPI D-PHY and M-PHY interfaces.

The solution includes switch matrix software options for Infiniium compliance applications and preconfigured switch matrix hardware models that work with the applications. Supported switch matrix hardware models include Agilent’s U3020AS26 and Agilent partner BitifEye’s BIT-2100 Series.

Accessories are available for SMA- and SMP-connection test interfaces as well as for direct probing using the Agilent InfiniiMax Series probes. In addition, Agilent’s N2809A PrecisionProbe oscilloscope probe and cable correction software can be used to remove the loss and skew introduced when the switch paths are added to the measurement setup.

Together, these capabilities provide a comprehensive solution for automating multilane testing. The automated switching solution gives engineers these abilities:

  • Eliminate reconnections and errors. The solution saves time and simplifies testing by automating tests for each lane of a multilane bus.
  • Maintain accuracy. Engineers can use Agilent’s N2809A PrecisionProbe or N5465A InfiniiSim software to compensate switch path loss and skew.
  • Customize testing. The test application can be extended with a remote programming interface and the N5467A user-defined application for device control, equipment control and test customization or scripting.

“When engineers validate their digital multilane interfaces, they need overall productivity and repeatability in addition to the highest measurement performance,” said Jay Alexander, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Oscilloscope Products Division. “The automated switching solution provides for unattended testing with no compromise on results accuracy. This allows higher test efficiency and helps engineers get their products to market faster.”

Agilent’s Infiniium 90000A, X- and Q-Series oscilloscopes are suitable for testing multilane high-speed digital interfaces because they offer analog bandwidths up to 63 GHz, with low noise floor, deep memory, and flat response. Engineers using Infiniium Series oscilloscopes with the automated switching solution can save time, maximize their design margins, and gain greater insight into their system performance. In addition, engineers can recover margins by correcting the cable and probe losses using the unique N2809A PrecisionProbe correction software.

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