R&S CMW500 Employs DPI Engine for End-to-End Test

May 24, 2013. Rohde & Schwarz announced it has developed what it calls the world's first integrated end-to-end test solution that examines the impact applications have on smartphones and the network using IP and protocol statistical analysis. Equipped with the new R&S CMW-KM051 option, the R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester can comprehensively analyze and test IP-based applications utilizing ipoque’s deep-packet inspection (DPI) engine. The combination of RF, protocol, and application testing in a single instrument allows network operators, smartphone manufacturers, and application developers to test how mobile apps affect the performance of wireless communication devices and the networks they operate on.

“The rapid growth of third-party applications for mobile devices poses great challenges for network operators and smartphone manufacturers,” said Christian Hof, product manager mobile radio testers at Rohde & Schwarz. “For example, these applications can be responsible for uncontrolled data traffic on the operator's network or put excessive strain on the hardware resources of the mobile phone. Typical scenarios include large data volumes consumed by an application active in the background with no added value for the customer. In addition, an app running in the background can also drain the battery. Until now, the possibilities for testing and analyzing an application’s impact on the device and the network has been less than adequate.”

The R&S CMW500 provides a real-time testing environment for wireless communications networks such as LTE, WCDMA, and even WLAN. Using the integrated data application unit, the instrument combines standard RF testing requirements with the IP world. By adding the R&S CMW KM051 option, the R&S CMW500 can analyze and test IP-based applications, giving network operators a way to qualify applications or optimize them for their networks. Smartphone manufacturers can also obtain more precise information on how certain applications affect resources such as battery capacity.

The IP analysis involves logging each IP data packet that is sent and received at the IP protocol level. The following functions are available for more precise analysis: list of active IP connections, TCP analysis, list of protocols used, data volume statistics, protocol name resolution, and triggering on IP events. The intelligent and reliable IP analysis records the IP traffic of applications, even when they are active in the background. This makes it possible to identify error sources.

When equipped with the R&S CMW-KM051 option, the R&S CMW500 uses the field-tested PACE software from ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz subsidiary, to integrate precise application awareness to the device. PACE is a software library that employs deep packet inspection (DPI) technology to identify recurrent patterns and uses these in combination with behavioral and statistical analysis in order to reliably classify protocols and applications on the network.

The company highlighted the new capability at at CTIA 2013, May 21-23, in Las Vegas.



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