Rohde & Schwarz Offers Power Viewer Mobile App

June 28, 2013. The new Power Viewer Mobile app from Rohde & Schwarz transforms Android smartphones and tablets into high-precision base units for power measurements. The USB-compatible R&S NRP power sensors can now display the measured average power value directly on mobile devices with Android 4 operating system.

A unique feature of the tried and tested R&S NRP power sensors is their ability to work independently of a specific base unit. The sensors can be connected directly to a PC or laptop via USB. Rohde & Schwarz has now implemented this feature for compact smartphones and tablet PCs as well. The mobile device must have the Android 4 operating system and support USB host mode. After installing the app, the user only needs the appropriate USB on-the-go adapter to connect the power sensor, and the mobile measuring instrument is ready to go.

The new app provides users with a mobile solution for situations where minimal weight and size of the measuring instrument are essential yet high-precision average power measurements are required. The comprehensive portfolio of compatible power sensors from Rohde & Schwarz provides the right solution for any application when it comes to frequency and dynamic range, for example, for installing base stations or performing maintenance on microwave link systems.

To ensure high measurement accuracy even at low levels, the app can zeroize the sensor or average the measured values to eliminate the effects of noise. In addition, users can use an offset or S-parameter correction to compensate for attenuators or adapters.

The Rohde & Schwarz Power Viewer Mobile app is available for free at the Google Play store. For more information on installing and using the app, refer to the application note “Using R&S NRP-Z Power Sensors with Android Handheld Devices” (

For more information on the power sensors, go to

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