Teledyne LeCroy Demonstrates 100-GHz Real-Time Oscilloscope

July 24, 2013. Teledyne LeCroy today demonstrated a 100-GHz real-time oscilloscope by successfully acquiring and displaying live signals at 100-GHz bandwidth. This demonstrated performance exceeds currently available capabilities. High-speed oscilloscopes are vital tools in the development of high-speed digital networks, the critical backbone of the rapidly expanding cloud-based computing paradigm that characterizes our digital age.

“Reaching 100 GHz real-time oscilloscope performance is one of many industry milestones achieved by Teledyne LeCroy,” said Tom Reslewic, CEO, Teledyne environmental and electronic measurement instrumentation. “It reveals new phenomena, opens channels for new discoveries, and paves the way for vast improvements in the field of high-speed measurement.”

The demonstration was conducted at the research facilities of Teledyne Scientific Company in Thousand Oaks, CA. Teledyne LeCroy and Teledyne Scientific also announced today they have completed the design of a jointly developed next-generation indium phosphide (InP) chip and have released the design for fabrication at Teledyne Scientific’s InP foundry. The jointly developed chip is the first device in an expansive chipset planned for future generations of high-speed oscilloscopes. Teledyne acquired LeCroy in August 2012 and has pursued synergies related to the development of ultra-high-speed oscilloscopes.

“We are pleased to see the 100-GHz real-time oscilloscope milestone reached less than one year after the acquisition of Teledyne LeCroy,” said Robert Mehrabian, chairman, president, and CEO of Teledyne. “Releasing the new InP chip in collaboration with Teledyne Scientific on the very same day illustrates the breadth of our technology expertise, and our commitment to taking high performance oscilloscopes to the next level.”

InP is an advanced semiconductor process that promises higher speed devices than can be designed in other known processes. Teledyne has advanced design and production capabilities for next-generation InP technology currently in place.


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