Omega Offers Research-Quality Wind Tunnel

October 21, 2013. The WT-3200 is a fully controllable wind tunnel for thermal and airflow testing of multiple PCBs. The test chamber has a 2-D converging nozzle with a multi-point measurement area for sensor placement upstream of the test section. The test section is equipped with card guides to allow insertion of actual or simulated PCBs from the side panel.

The WT-3200 wind tunnel can be used to characterize different heat sink sizes for natural and forced convection cooling. Two heat sinks can be tested side by side to determine their thermal performance in the same environment. Actual or simulated PCBs can be tested for thermal flow distribution and pressure drop characterization. The chamber can accommodate up to six PCBs with 13-mm (0.5″) card-to-card spacing or three PCBs with 25 mm (1″) card-to-card spacing. The test section is made of clear polycarbonate material to accommodate smoke flow visualization.

 The chamber has its own stand for placement of instruments. The WT-3200 is placed on castors for ease of transportation. Rail guides are provided so the unit position can be adjusted. A switch box is provided with the unit so individual fans can be turned on or off. The WT-3200 can be fitted with different fan trays to accommodate a broad air flow range. Sensors to measure the flow parameters are also available from the vendor as optional accessories.

The wind tunnel measures 84.4 x 45 x 35.9″; the test section measures 24 x 18.5 x 3″. It features 18 sensor ports. Flow range is 0 to 2000 ft/min; flow uniformity is ±1%. It operates on customer-supplied 24 VDA at 4.3A. Price is $26,075.00.


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