Optimus Adds Direct SimulationX Interface

November 9 – 2013. Noesis Solutions, vendor of Optimus simulation process integration and parametric design optimization software, has announced the release of a new direct interface for the ITI SimulationX software. The SimulationX interface supports the efficient optimization of new product designs involving multiphysics system simulation and modeling. Optimus manages the integration of any SimulationX model into a simulation workflow with just a few clicks. Optimus’s data mining consolidates critical engineering knowledge to support smart decision making, while its automated design optimization capabilities lead to benchmark product performance.

The new direct interface makes it very easy for Optimus users to automatically direct SimulationX toward feasible design candidates exhibiting optimal multiphysics product performance. This automated approach increases simulation throughput and delivers the insight needed to take smarter engineering decisions.

Using Optimus, engineers sketch the simulation flow involving SimulationX in a graphic drag-and-drop process editor. The new interface’s embedded search engine automatically exposes all parameters of any SimulationX model to Optimus, enabling ultrafast parameterization of the simulation workflow. Seamless interfacing removes complex file syntax bottlenecks, which frees users from repetitive manual tasks related to model changes, data processing or results evaluation.

State-of-the-art Design of Experiments (DOE) and Response Surface Modeling (RSM) efficiently explore the design space, followed by high-performance design optimization methods targeting the best-performing product design candidates. The time savings enable them to focus on data mining using Optimus’ powerful post-processing toolset, gaining deeper engineering insight from a rich set of simulation results.

Naji El Masri, Noesis Solutions CTO, said, “Optimus is known for capturing and automating simulation workflows without any programming skills. Through Optimus’s new direct interface, the global SimulationX user community gains access to world-class design optimization capabilities. Easily set up to capture any SimulationX simulation process, Optimus automatically orchestrates system simulations to efficiently identify the best-performing product designs. Optimus is a major asset to SimulationX users across a variety of industry sectors in helping manufacturing companies develop benchmark products.”

Jens O. Schindler, general manager of ITI, said, “We are very pleased with the result of this fruitful collaboration between our developers—the creation of this cutting-edge integration. This enables our customers and new user groups running Optimus and SimulationX to employ both tools even more efficiently throughout their virtual product development. The entire development process incorporating modeling, parameterization, simulation and optimization of new product designs opens up a whole new world to users of Optimus and SimulationX.”

Noesis Solutions is a simulation innovation partner to manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, and other engineering-intense industries. Specialized in simulation process integration and numerical design optimization, its flagship software Optimus helps customers adopt an ‘Engineer by Objective’ development strategy to resolve their toughest multi-disciplinary engineering challenges.


Founded in 1990, ITI develops simulation tools for engineers and scientists in various industries and education. The company supports the development of new products with engineering and programming services throughout the entire design process. Based in Dresden, Germany, ITI has also a branch in France. With partners across more than 20 countries, the company has a vast network of distributors and service providers for its simulation software SimulationX.


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