Anritsu Introduces 4PAM/8PAM Converters

November 9, 2013. Anritsu Company has introduced a 4PAM converter and 8PAM converter for its MP1800A BERT signal-quality analyzer to support generation of high-quality 4- or 8-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) data signals for accurate testing of high-speed data transmission up to 32.1 Gb/s. The MP1800A BERT and 4PAM/8PAM converters provide signal-integrity engineers with a highly accurate test solution for next generation network designs, such as super-channel, necessitated by the dramatic increase in data traffic due to cloud computing, LTE services, and streaming video.

The MP1800A features an internal pulse pattern generator (PPG) and high-input-sensitivity error detector (ED) module, each of which can be configured with one, two, or four channels to support multi-channel synchronization of up to eight channels at 32 Gb/s. Because of this flexibility, the MP1800A, integrated with the 4PAM or 8PAM converter, is suited to verify the performance of multiple synchronized channels common in high-speed designs.

High performance is delivered by the MP1800A. The PPG has good output signal quality, tunable output amplitude over a wide range for adjusting signal output amplitude, and tunable data output phase. The result is 4PAM and 8PAM waveforms with good open eyes with low jitter. Adjustment of the 4PAM or 8PAM overall amplitude, as well as equalizing the center and upper/lower eye is also supported. Additionally, the ED module supports bathtub and eye diagram signal analysis, and the MP1800A BERT also has a built-in jitter modulation source for generating various jitter types, including SJ, RJ, BUJ, SSC.

Featuring a plug-in modular design, the MP1800A BERT can be configured to meet a variety of testing applications. It supports wideband bit rates from 0.1 to 32.1 Gb/s for versatile signal integrity analysis applications up to 32 Gbit/s, such as 100GbE (25G x 4), OTU-4 (28G x 4), 32G DP-QPSK, CEI-28G, 32G FC, and Infiniband EDR (26 G).


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