MEMSIC Introduces Next Generation Three-Axis Magnetic Sensor

November 9, 2013- MEMSIC Inc., a sensor solution provider, has announced the availability of its MMC3416xPJ three-axis magnetic sensor. This fully integrated high performance device is offered in a miniature 1.6-mm. x 1.6-mm. x 0.6-mm land grid array (LGA) package and is capable of operating from a single 1.8-V supply, making it suitable for mobile applications. Applications include electronic compassing in cellular phones and tablets, pedestrian navigation, gaming controls, wristwatches, in-vehicle GPS navigation, and other magnetic field measuring applications.

The MEMSIC MMC3416xPJ sensor uses MEMSIC’s proprietary anisotropic magnetic resistive (AMR) technology to achieve its high performance. With a full scale range of ±16 gauss (±1600 μTesla) and a 16 bit dynamic range, the MMC3416xPJ delivers a resolution of 0.5 mG (50 nT) per LSB and an RMS noise of 1.5 mG (0.15 µTesla). This results in a more accurate heading determination with less averaging. In addition, an on-demand Set/Reset function minimizes bias drift over temperature (±3 mG bias error over -40 to +85°C). The low operating current of 35 μA (in 14- bit mode) and 70 μA (in 16 -bit mode) along with its < 1 μA current in power-down mode make it attractive to mobile designers, allowing them to accommodate the stringent power budgets demanded in portable applications..

John Newton, MEMSIC vice president of marketing, said, “The introduction of our latest three-axis magnetic sensor solidifies MEMSIC’s position as the industry’s magnetic sensor leader. Compared with our award-winning MMC3316xMT, the new MMC3416xPJ offers 33% smaller size, 4x the resolution, and 25% lower noise. The small 1.6-mm. x 1.6-mm. x 0.6-mm LGA package and 1.8-V single-supply capability makes it ideal for mobile applications. We expect this device to win major acceptance in the mobile design community because of its ease in integrating into designs, its small-sized LGA packaging and low power consumption—all crucial requirements in many of today’s high-volume applications.”

The MEMSIC MMC3416xPJ Three-Axis Magnetic Sensor unit price in 1,000 piece quantities is $1.25 and is available from stock.


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