Saelig Offers Lab-grade Portable Spectrometer

November 17, 2013. Saelig is now offering the GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch, a portable instrument for obtaining light measurement data ranging from NIR to UV with laboratory accuracy. Each GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch Spectrometer is individually calibrated to deliver precise, accurate, and quick results, making it suitable for measurements of light sources such as LEDs, LED assemblies, halogen and fluorescent lamps, photobiological safety lamps, and LCDs, using a range of available optical probes. Features of the GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch include extended spectral range from 200 to 1050 nm, high resolution (0.5 nm), an OSR system for stray light reduction, and compatibility with a range of available integrating spheres and probes for measuring almost any light source from 1 to  200,000 lux (Illuminant A).

Using a precision 2048 pixel CCD image sensor with 16-bit A/D, the GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch covers the 200- to 1050-nm range. The TFT-LCD touch-panel on this portable unit directly shows illumination parameters in the familiar CIE chromaticity diagrams. Built-in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi can send results to a nearby PC without needing a physical connection, but the GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch does not require a computer for taking measurements since it immediately shows critical data on its display. Navigation is simple, and critical parameters can easily be displayed: full spectral profile (spectral power distribution); CIE chromaticity charts; color coordinates and peak values; and lighting parameters like CCT, CRI, and individual R1 – R14 indices. A 4-GB Micro SD card also holds results as they are taken. Features available in the GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch allow the user to perform many different measurement tasks. With the optional GL SPECTRO SOFT either the USB or Wi-Fi connection can be used to create measurement setups designed to individual needs.

Absolute spectral calibration is factory-integrated into each GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch spectrometer, enabling accurate measurements of absolute values such as lux, candela, and lumens, together with radiometric values, depending on which self-detecting measurement accessory is installed. This calibration meets the requirements of leading standards institutes and is confirmed by the manufacturer's certification.

Compact (111 x 210 x 58 mm) and lightweight (1.5 kg), the GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch is designed and made in Europe by GL Optic, a supplier of standardized light solutions.


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