DATAQ Debuts $59 USB DAQ Starter Kit

November 25, 2013. DATAQ Instruments has announced the release of the all-new DI-149 USB data-acquisition instrument, the latest in a line of low-cost starter kits. Starting at just $59, the DI-149 includes eight ±10-V analog channels, four dedicated digital inputs and four discrete digital outputs. One digital input can be used to acquire rate data (up to 10 kHz), and a second to count up to 16,383 transitions. The included WinDaq data-acquisition software allows users to display and record data to a PC hard drive in real time. Once recorded, data can be played back, analyzed, or exported to an array of data-acquisition and spreadsheet formats. In addition, users get unfettered access to the DI-149 data protocol, allowing programmers to access the DI-149 on any Windows, Linux, or MAC operating system. A .NET control is available to Windows users who wish to interface with the DI-149 using a third-party programming language such as Visual Basic or NI LabVIEW.


The eight ±10-V fixed differential channels are protected from transient spikes up to ±150 V peak (±75 V, continuous). A 10-bit ADC provides 19.5-mV resolution across the full-scale measurement range. Digital inputs are protected up to ±30 VDC or peak AC. The digital inputs allow users to insert event marks or record data to disk remotely, with a switch closure or TTL signal. The unit measures 2.625 x 5.5 x 1.53 inches (6.67 x 13.97 x 3.89 cm) and weighs 4 oz.


WinDaq data-acquisition software gives users the ability graph data in a real time, scale analog inputs to display engineering units (lbs, psi, etc.), and stream data to disk at rates as slow as 2.23 samples per minute and as fast as 10,000 samples per second (with an optional high-speed upgrade). Included with the WinDaq installation, WinDaq Waveform Browser (WWB) software provides the capability to review and analyze recorded data. The Waveform browser includes statistical analysis and FFT functions and the ability to save data in a wide variety of data-acquisition and spreadsheet formats, including that of Microsoft Excel.


Access to the data protocol gives programmers complete control of the DI-149. The protocol can be utilized with any operating system capable of hooking a COM port, and is backward-compatible with the older DI-194 data acquisition instruments. A .NET control allows Windows users to write custom application in a wide variety of third-party programming languages.

The DI-149 starts at $59 and includes a mini screw driver, USB cable, WinDaq/Lite data acquisition software, access to the data protocol, and a .NET control.

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