SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Protocol Analyzer Exerciser Debuts

January 28, 2014. Teledyne LeCroy at DesignCon today introduced the Voyager M310, a comprehensive protocol analyzer exerciser platform for testing next generation SuperSpeed USB 10-Gb/s (USB 3.1) systems. Fully backward compatible with legacy USB links, the Voyager M310 is designed to provide 100% faithful capture of 10-Gb/s bus and protocol traffic for USB 3.1 devices and systems. This multifunction test platform also offers an integrated host and device traffic-generation option allowing developers to emulate faulty link conditions, verify protocol compliance, and improve product reliability.

The next evolution of the flagship USB validation platform, the Voyager M310 features custom-probe technology known as T.A.P.3 (Transparent Acquisition Probing), which has been field-proven in Teledyne LeCroy's PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0 and SAS 12G analyzers. Designed to nonintrusively record both 5- and 10-Gb/s SuperSpeed USB links, T.A.P.3 technology provides accuracy and reliability without compromising link integrity.

“The USB-IF is pleased to see Teledyne LeCroy announce support for the USB 3.1 specification with its protocol analyzer system,” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF president & COO. “USB-IF member companies like Teledyne LeCroy that provide expert compliance testing services help enable developers to deliver certified products. Only products that successfully complete the USB-IF certification and testing program can ensure a seamless computing experience.”

“Boasting the largest installed base in the world, Teledyne LeCroy's USB test tools are considered the gold standard for developers that require lossless capture of USB protocol traffic”, said Michael Romm, vice president of product development at Teledyne LeCroy's Protocol Solutions Group. “The Voyager M310 continues this tradition by combining our high-speed probing expertise with the easy to use CATC Trace display. For developers in USB 3.1, confidence in the tools and efficient workflow are key to meeting development deadlines.”

“In addition to being the first integrated analyzer/exerciser platform to support USB 3.1, the Voyager M310 includes best-in-class analysis features,” said Mike Micheletti, product marketing manager, Teledyne LeCroy Protocol Solutions Group. “With the continual drive to shorten time to market, validation teams working on 10-Gb/s designs can leverage the same collection of proven analysis tools available in our industry-leading 5-Gb/s analyzer.”

An integrated traffic-generation option is capable of emulating host or device behaviors with low-level control of headers, payloads, link training, and timing. The exerciser features Ready-Link and Transaction Manager emulation, which automatically handles link and transaction layer handshaking to simplify the development of test scripts. Like the original Voyager system, a single tap point is used to generate traffic scenarios and also record the real response which minimizes signal integrity issues during testing.

The Voyager M310 features 16 GB of recording memory. The system also supports cascading multiple analyzers as well as multi-protocol capture, allowing developers to correlate packets as they cross protocol domains like Serial ATA and PCI Express. Featuring both Gigabit Ethernet and SuperSpeed USB upload ports, the Voyager M310 can reduce debug time and provide faster workflow for developers testing USB 3.1 systems and devices. The Voyager M310 begins shipping in Q2 of 2014.

The company is highlighting the platform this week at DesignCon.

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