Ayla and NXP Demonstrate Secure Cloud Solution

February 25, 2014. Ayla Networks, a provider of end-to-end cloud platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a secure cloud solution utilizing a secure element processor from NXP Semiconductors, a provider of secure semiconductor solutions. The combination of their respective products offers a complete end-to-end secure cloud solution for the Internet of Things (IoT). The demonstration utilizes a Linux-based IoT gateway with NXP’s secure element processor that connects to the Ayla Cloud Platform, accessed by applications running on smartphones and tablets. It is being showcased at the NXP Booth at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco through February 28.

There is growing concern among both IoT product manufacturers and consumers regarding security, privacy, and vulnerabilities of connected devices. A recent report from ISACA stated 92% of people have concerns about the information collected by Internet-connected devices. Hackers and malicious entities often scan for poor or misconfigured security on networks. Unfortunately, the IoT explosion has exposed a whole new world of data assets to these entities. IoT product manufacturers are challenged with balancing the need for hardened enterprise class security, better privacy control, stronger authentication, and tougher encryption against their product and development costs.

The solution begins with Ayla’s end-to-end software platform—agents embedded in connected devices, a suite of cloud services, and libraries for mobile apps—that delivers multi-level security capabilities, including authentication, authorization, access control, encryption, over the air patch updates, and end-to-end policy management. By incorporating NXP’s secure hardware components—secure hardened microcontrollers, secure root key storage, and near field communication (NFC) hardware components—the solution offers protection against threats that target key extraction from embedded systems.

“Securing the Internet of Things is complex and requires a complete, multi-layered approach,” said Dave Friedman, chief executive officer and Co-Founder for Ayla Networks, “Our solution provides our customers with flexible levels of security needed to appropriately protect their assets. It’s well suited for applications that range from consumer accessories, building automation, industrial control, and medical devices, spanning a range of security requirements.”

Most first generation IoT connected devices lack the robust, built-in, multi-layered security capabilities that are necessary to shut down the potential vulnerabilities and privacy concerns thwarting IoT market potential and applicability into broad market segments where strong security is a must-have requirement. Manufacturers building IoT connected devices can now turn to this solution, which offers the highest in end-to-end security protection.

“NXP’s global leadership in secure solutions positions us well to meet the security needs of IoT applications,” said Jack Ogawa, senior director of marketing, Americas, for NXP, “By using NXP’s secure element processors, cloud service providers such as Ayla can offer flexible, comprehensive solutions for secure connections and access.”



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