JOT introduces vision inspection cell

March 31, 2014. JOT Automation, a supplier of test and production solutions, has launched a scalable test solution for vision inspection of display and camera functionalities of wireless devices. The JOT Vision Inspection Cell is fully integrated solution giving reliable test results, quickly. The high performance of the cell is based on parallel testing option and adjustable camera quantity.

Over 1.2 billion smart devices (smartphones and tablets) were purchased worldwide last year, and this figure is set to rise this year. With volumes increasing at a staggering pace and ever widening numbers of applications, quality assurance in mass production is critical. To meet this demand JOT designed the Vision Inspection Cell particularly for smartphone and tablet sized products. The scalable cell can be easily configured to various device sizes by changing cameras and lenses.

Mika Puttonen, product manager at JOT Automation, said, “There is a real need for a system that can ensure quality of various visual display features and camera functionalities of wireless devices. The system uses vision inspection to ensure the display quality and measures UI LED intensity and color acceptance. It can also analyze camera image quality, enabling the test of camera zoom, focus and pixels.””

The JOT Vision Inspection Cell can be used to easily configure the benchmark and deploy a system that addresses vision applications from pattern matching to code reading and presence detection. It also offers optical character recognition, as well as a number of other functions, making it truly adaptable and functional for high-quality manufacturing needs.”

It combines vision-inspection software and hardware including cameras and optics. The system can be used to test products at different stages—for example, components, subassemblies, or final products. It puts an end to the reliance of inspection done by the human eye, which leads to expensive and subjective results.

The other benefit is that it is a fully integrated package. For those who are familiar with vision engines like Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (VBAI), the JOT Vision Inspection Cell can be used by individuals to create needed vision products, or JOT can supply a turn-key solution for a particular test case. Still the biggest advantage of JOT Vision Inspection Cell is genuine parallel testing. Multiple devices can be under the test at the same time improving output significantly.

Having gained substantial interest from the telecom industry, the system is now receiving recognition from the automotive and medical industries for its infotainment and quality inspection possibilities.

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