Vendor debuts its highest accuracy/speed USB DAQ Module

May 8, 2014. Data Translation today announced the DT9844, the company's highest accuracy/throughput USB data-acquisition module—offering 20-bit resolution at a throughput of 1 MHz.

This new design has been specially created to minimize noise and crosstalk between channels, despite the high bandwidth needed to achieve this speed/accuracy benchmark. Additionally, the design employs tri-sectional galvanic isolation of ±500 V between the analog portion, the digital section, and the USB connection. This isolation further prevents digital interference with precise analog signals to preserve signal integrity.

This high-speed DAQ module provides 32 single-ended (SE) or 16 differential (DI) analog input channels, 32 DIO channels, and five counter/timers that can be synchronously acquired with the analog input data. Full software support is provided and with the free QuickDAQ application users can be up and running quickly.

According to Fred Molinari, president and CEO, “The DT9844 represents a significant step forward in bringing a new era of accuracy and throughput to data acquisition. To get to the benchmark of 20-bit accuracy at 1 MHz has taken our 40 years of experience and more.”

The DT9844 is available with prices starting at $1,995 each for the OEM version. All models begin shipping in May and will be offered with 5-day delivery.


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