CWIEME exhibitor to address electric motor efficiency

Electric motors consume a great deal of the world's electricity—with estimates centering on 45%, or more than twice as much as lighting, according to some estimates. Not surprisingly, governments and users of motors would like to boost efficiency to minimize electricity use and control cost. (See related articles here and here.)

Of course, if you want to improve a spec like efficiency, you need a way to measure it. To that end, Vogelsang & Benning will present its latest efficiency testing software and equipment for electric motors to an international audience of over 7,000 visitors At CWIEME Berlin 2014 June 24 through 26.

At the show, Vogelsang & Benning will present a cross section of its product portfolio, including test-and-measurement, quality-assurance, automation, and installation and handling systems. Bu the company said the special focus this year will be on equipment for determining the efficiency of electric motors. In particular, Vogelsang & Benning’s experts will be on hand to discuss future efficiency requirements, in line with the extended European Standard DIN 60034-30, effective January 1, 2015. In a bid to further reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, this extension to the standard will impose even tighter restrictions on the efficiency of electric motors and drive systems.

Vogelsang & Benning said it has already adapted its test solutions in line with the new directive and is able to provide electric motor manufacturers with products specifically designed to increase the accuracy and reliability of measurements and tests carried out under laboratory conditions.

“When testing motors, we can achieve reliable, accurate, and repeatable measurement results according to EN 60034-30,” said Wilfried Benning, CEO Vogelsang & Benning, in a press release. “Due to the early adaptation of our testing services to the new requirements of our customers, we are able to meet future legal requirements well ahead of this.”

CWIEME, the show's sponsor reports, is the world’s largest international coil winding, insulation, and electrical manufacturing exhibition, with 750 exhibitors and 7,000 visitors.

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