L-com says D-Sub connector not ready to retire

The D-Sub connector is still going strong, because “it gets the job done”—much like an aging professional athlete who is no longer fast and sleek but can still play the game. That's according to an article called “D-Sub Connection Technology Today,” posted on L-com's website.

The article cites advantages and disadvantages of the connector, introduced in the 1950s. Among the advantages in comparison to USB, for example, it can be screwed down and won't come loose due to vibration or jostling. It offers from nine to as many as 78 positions. And it offers many mounting and termination options.

As for the disadvantages, the article notes, “Although they are called D-Subminiature, by today’s standards they are anything but miniature. Most designers look to reduce the size of their products so valuable real estate is taken up quickly with D-Sub connectors.” The data speeds they support depend on the cabling, and each implementation must be evaluated independently. And finally, they can't readily transmit power and signal, as USB does.

Read the complete article here.


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