VTI offers updated X-Modal III software

August 18, 2014. VTI Instruments today introduced the updated X-Modal III software for modal analysis. This software was created by the University of Cincinnati, Structural Dynamics Research Lab (UC-SDRL), in conjunction with VTI Instruments and several other companies to provide users with a simple, yet powerful modal analysis, ground vibration testing/measurement, MIMO shaker testing, and multi-reference impact testing software.

When used with any of VTI's Smart Dynamic Signal Analyzers (DSAs), users can create a turnkey modal-analysis solution with intuitive, task-oriented user interfaces, extensive modal-parameter estimation algorithms, parallel display capabilities, flexible data management, and embedded data-acquisition capabilities. VTI's DSA products integrate IEEE-1588 precision time protocol to allow tight synchronization of the modules distributed over LAN—thereby allowing for measurement data that can be synchronized across mainframes to within 100 ns, with sample rates of up to 625 kS/s.

X-Modal III supports four application modes: shaker test, with continuous and burst random types of excitation; hammer test, featuring a preview GUI with double hit and overload detection and rejection; power spectra-response only analysis, supporting Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) and Nearfield Acoustic Holography (NAH); and time capture, for plain-time history-data recording.

More than 20 video tutorials are available to users to help them take advantage of the features of this software.



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