UEI offers DNx-DIO-449 flexible digital input board

September 10, 2014. United Electronic Industries (UEI) has announced the release of the DNx-DIO-449, a 48-channel digital input board. The board is compatible with all of UEI’s Cube, RACKtangle, and FlatRACK chassis.

Features include an input range from 3.3 V to 150 V, fully programmable logic high/low levels and hysteresis, automatic change-of-state detection with 200 µS resolution time stamps, programmable debounce intervals for contact monitoring, and internal signal injection for BIT (built-in-self-test). Self-test/BIT operates without disconnecting field wiring.

The board can monitors both AC and DC inputs, providing contact closures without any external components. Diagnostics include a built-in A/D converter for analog voltage measurement of each input.

Software included with the DNx-DIO-449 provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-use API that supports all popular Windows programming languages. UEI also provides factory-written drivers for all popular non-Windows operating systems, including Linux, QNX, VxWorks, RTX, and InTime. Finally, the UEIDAQ Framework supplies complete support for those creating applications in data-acquisition software packages such as NI LabVIEW, MATLAB/Simulink, DASYLab, or any application that supports ActiveX or OPC servers.

Pricing for the DNR-DIO-449 12-channel TC-isolated input board for a RACKtangle chassis is $1,700; pricing for a DNA-DIO-449 12-channel TC-isolated input board for Cube chassis is $1,550



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