Sensor technology workshop to address human performance

October 2, 2014. The Nano-Bio Manufacturing Consortium (NBMC) has announced its most recent one-day workshop on the topic of “Sensor Technology & Systems Integration for Human Performance & Health Devices,” to be held October 17, 2014, at Northeastern University, Boston, MA.  New sensor technology and how to manufacture on a flexible substrate is at the core of NBMC’s mission.  The day-long presentations, preceded by an optional tour and dinner, will reveal new findings by researchers from corporate, academic, and governmental organizations and will provide the opportunity to learn, share, and plan for the future of sensors in our lives.

The integration and design of functional materials into useful subsystems has become a challenge involving myriad advancing technologies and expertise, including microfluidics, nano-bio molecular structures, and advanced electronics. The day will feature presentations from American Semiconductor, Binghamton University, GE Global Research, Lockheed Martin, MIT’s Chemical Engineering Department, MIT’s Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, MC10, Northeastern University, PARC (a Xerox Company), and UMASS Amherst.  View a detailed agenda at

The day before the Workshop, attendees have the option to attend a tour of the George J. Kostas Nanoscale Technology and Manufacturing Research Center at Northeastern University and hear about the programs at the NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center for High-Rate Nano-manufacturing, which is housed at the Kostas Center.

The programs currently include

  • micro and nano-scale SWNT based chemical sensors;
  • in-vio and in-vitro nano-bio-sensors;
  • surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) sensors;
  • CNT architectures for high-power-density, high-energy-density Li-ion batteries;
  • flexible and transparent super capacitors using highly engineered carbon nano-cup electrodes;
  • CNT superstructures for enhanced ballistic protection; and
  • micro and nano-scale nano-material-based sensors;

Those whose work involves bio-medical sensors—or may in the future—are are invited to participate in the workshop.

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