Modern oscilloscope GUIs: boon or bane?

Four years ago, Senior Technical Editor Tom Lecklider wrote an article titled “Your Scope Needs a Natural User Interface.” At that time, he says now, “…gestures such as those used to operate an iPhone or iPad were seldom used to control instruments.”

For our January 2015 issue, Tom will be revisiting the topic, and he’d like to hear from you, whether you are an oscilloscope user or vendor.

If you’re an engineer, have you tried an oscilloscope with a multi-touch or touch-screen GUI? If so, did you find it helped your productivity? What could be improved? Would you prefer to go back to buttons and knobs?

If you are an oscilloscope vendor, Tom would like to hear about new or improved scope GUIs you’ve introduced recently, and explain what benefits they bring to customers. What are the hardware, software, and cost tradeoffs associated with modern GUIs?

And in addition to information about GUIs, he’d like to hear about other improvements, such as control and data I/O enhancements, to your recently introduced models.

Add your thoughts in the blog comment section or contact Tom at [email protected].

And you can read Tom’s January 2011 article here.

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