ETS-Lindgren targets radiated immunity testing

ETS-Lindgren today announced its EMField Generator, which the company describes as a revolutionary solution that integrates separate components into a compact, modular, and efficient testing tool.

The company noted that for decades, radiated immunity testing has been performed using bulky RF power amplifiers, and immunity systems have been inherently inefficient, losing up to half of their power to heat, cable loss, couplers, and other hardware components. Until now, engineers have had to compensate for these losses by increasing the size of the amplifiers, the company said.

“We have challenged the traditional assumption that delivering a higher field strength requires more power and are bringing a game-changing technology to the market,” said Bryan Sayler, senior vice president of ETS-Lindgren. “For labs looking to test in the 1-GHz to 6-GHz range, the EMField Generator provides a highly efficient and portable alternative to the traditional amplifier and antenna configuration.”

The EMField is an integrated solution that combines amplifiers, directional couplers, power meters, and an antenna array into one simplified design. Nearly all of the generated power is converted into useable field strength. With EMField Generator, users will now have a complete solution with minimal loss of RF power, low installation cost, less cabling, and reduced calibration costs.


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