Handler offers package characterization at cold conditions

Dec. 1, 2014

The Multitest MT2168 pick-and-place handler now offers the ability to characterize devices at cold conditions. This capability addresses the evolving requirements for temperature performance driven by end markets. Whereas final test of the respective devices in high volume production will only be done at ambient/hot, they need to get qualified for cold conditions before they ramp. The “Cold for Characterization” option of the MT2168 allows for using the one platform for qualification and final test without the need to invest in more complex and more expensive tri-temp test equipment.

The “Cold for Characterization” set-up of the MT2168 is an add-on to the standard base unit, which does not require changes in the handler itself. All required features are part of the conversion kit set. The customer can decide whether he wants to use existing external chillers or if he prefers to have a LN2-based heat exchanger integrated. The “Cold for Characterization” option provides temperature conditioning directly at the contact site and sticks to the chamberless concept of the MT2168. This way no icing issues or defrost needs occur.

Günther Jeserer, vice president for gravity and pick-and-place handling, explained, “The MT2168 ‘Cold for Characterization’ meets the needs of the qualification teams at our customers: They can rely on the ease-of-operation of ambient/hot system but can do their full temperature characterization. With changing temperature performance requirements in the consumer markets and new car-convenience and car-entertainment applications in the automotive market, we anticipate a shift from strict tri-temp test in volume production to cold qualification before ramping. The MT2168 is the only handler with this ability, which is well received by our customers.”


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