Laser systems to debut at IPC/APEX Expo

Jan. 20, 2015

Among the highlights at the upcoming IPC/APEX Expo will be the debut of two new laser systems from LPKF Laser & Electronics: The Fusion 3D 1200 Laser Direct Structuring system and the MicroLine 2820P Laser Depaneling system.

LPKF Laser & Electronics, a manufacturer of laser systems for a variety of applications, will exhibit throughout the three-day event, which takes place February 24-26 in San Diego, CA.

The new LPKF Fusion3D 1200 laser structuring system features a rotary indexing table and a vision system. Its flexibility allows for small, medium, and large scale production of molded interconnect devices (MIDs). For this technology, a laser system applies conductor structures to three-dimensional plastic parts. Metal tracks are then formed on these structures through an electroless plating process. The technology developed by LPKF enables economical as well as space- and weight-saving production of injection-molded MIDs.

The MicroLine 2820P was developed for cutting PCB panels and cover layers. It reduces lead times and eliminates tooling costs of layout changes. The substrates are held securely on a vacuum table, enabling the depaneling, cutting, and engraving of a variety of substrates (cover layers, rigid, flex, and rigid/flex).

Alongside these two new systems, LPKF will also feature information about its other primary technologies, for laser plastic welding and solder paste stencil cutting laser systems. Laser plastic welding technology is a hygienic, stress-free method of joining plastics. It is used widely in the automotive and medical-device sectors. New features for the StencilLaser systems will also be highlighted including the ability to create step stencils as well as a new option for extending the working area of the StencilLaser G6080 model.


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