GOEPEL software supports 3-D AOI of solder joints

March 13, 2015

The PILOT 6 software for AOI systems from GOEPEL electronic enables 3-D inspection of solder joints on chip components and IC pins. The data of the surface topography, generated by the integrated measuring module 3D·EyeZ, can be evaluated in many ways to determine the quality of the solder meniscus. Possible functions are the measurement of the soldier height on the component or the pin as well as measuring the tin covered area on the pad and the solder volume.

The pass/fail decision is based on predefined tolerance limits for each parameter of the solder joint or the component. In addition to the 3D solder joint measuring, correctness and assembly faults can be detected. All functions are individually expandable on a modular basis and thereby offer maximum flexibility. The user thereby has access to an extensive library of predefined tolerances for all SMD components available.

The 3D functionality is part of the new PILOT 6 AOI system software. Additional focus of this version is comfortable and fast test program generation with maximum inspection reliability.

A highlight is the integrated SmartGuide, an operating concept for simple test program generation even for unexperienced users. The handling is comparable easy as dealing with a smartphone, thanks to a clear and familiar user interface and touch screen.



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