Multitest launches next-generation loader for test in carriers

March 17, 2015

Multitest is launching its first InCarrierplus loader for test in carriers and announced the shipment of InCarrierplus to a major IDM, which will use the handlers for high volume production in Europe and Asia. The InCarrierplus is designed to optimize the back-end process at high-volume production sites. The InCarrierplus supports the device loading to a carrier from standard back-end transport media in a cost-efficient and productivity-oriented way.

Since Multitest introduced the InCarrier concept to leverage the advantages of strip handling for singulated packages, this process has been well-accepted in the market. Up to now more than 3 billion packages have been tested on InCarrier set-ups, the company reported. The customers benefit from the robust, high parallel test solution. The advantages are particularly recognized for large production lots, long test times, and small packages.

The InCarrierplus is minimizing cost of loading and increases throughput—up to 16,000 units per hour depending on packages sizes. The InCarrierplus has been optimized for a smaller footprint and requires less space on the test floor. The InCarrierplus is supporting standard back-end transport media—such as JEDEC trays and bulk—and can be smoothly integrated in state-of-the-art production flows and lines. On the test floor the InCarrierplus/InStrip solution can be combined with standard final packaging equipment for tape-and-reel, tube, or tray output and fits seamlessly into the production process.

Andreas Nagy, senior director marketing, commented, “Multitest was the first supplier to who actually offered the test in carrier solution—the first Multitest InCarrier loader/unloader was launched as a dedicated loading and unloading tool. The InCarrierplus leads this concept to the next level of overall productivity improvement. This gets achieved by significant loading cost reduction at the InCarrierplus and the elimination of the unloading cost by direct un-load into tape-and-reel at traditional final packaging equipment for high volume production.”


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